About Us


A full service Colorado traffic management provider, Legacy Traffic Management is serving the Colorado market. Our 20 years of combined experience, helping contractors work in and around all types of roadways, has made our employees exceptional at what we do. We provide certified supervisors and flaggers, barricades and signs to move traffic safely through and around your project. Our extensive experience partnering with contractors has given us the knowledge, skill and ability to handle any job.

Cody Jardine

Cody Jardine is the proud owner of Legacy Traffic Management. He has been in traffic control since 2009 and started off as a flagger. Cody quickly moved up into management with the decision to become an owner in 2014. During his down time, he enjoys deep sea fishing and saltwater diving.

Jesse Leonard

Jesse Leonard has been working in the traffic control industry for 24 years. Jesse’s experience includes management of projects for CDOT, DEN (DIA) and multiple city and county municipalities both on the road and in the office.

Ernest Fricke

Ernest has been in the traffic control industry for 23 years serving in roles ranging from RCS to sign install to being a part of the operations team and fleet. Ernest came to Legacy Traffic 8 years ago where he has grown and has been a strong leader for Legacy Traffic in the management team.

Ray Macias

Ray Macias has been with traffic control since 2009. He started as a day laborer and permanently moved  to Legacy Traffic Management in 2016. He started as flagger with Legacy and is now the shop manager. During his off time, he likes to relax, go to Blackhawk and spend time with his family.

Clifton Washington

Clifton Washington has been with legacy traffic control for 9 years . He started working as a flagger and has worked his way up to becoming an Operations Manager. Clifton is an example of hard work pays off. 

Teresa Rodriguez

Teresa Rodriguez the Scheduling Manager at Legacy Traffic Management, LLC. Teresa has 15+ year’s experience scheduling employees to projects where they will best be utilized due to experience to be productive and safe. Teresa is bilingual in English & Spanish. Teresa really enjoys books & spending time with her friends family.  

Rosamaria Foucher

Rosamaria has been in the administration for Legacy Traffic Management for six years. Developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything she does, both professionally and personally. Rosamaria enjoys a good Netflix binge but can also be found spending time with her loved ones.

Matt Hitchcock

Matt has been with us since 2022, he is the dedicated Estimating and Planning Manager at Legacy Traffic Management. Matt excels in developing accurate project estimates and detailed plans that ensure efficiency and safety. Matt’s proactive approach and ability to anticipate project challenges allow him to deliver strategies that optimize traffic flow and minimize disruptions, consistently meeting the expectations of Legacy Traffic Management’s diverse clientele.